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from currently version 2.5.0

List of 45 V2 Codes relating to medical specialties.   DK has an incomplete mapping for some of these to SNOMED CT codes.   Watch that "category" is used in several resources and will have completely different scope and meaning.   In this particular case the category can not be reasonably deduced from the "code" element.   MAL Belgium for example make a distinction between a legal entity (doctor's title) and the medical category (of which there are more). DK notes that we have occupation codes in SCT which might apply here.

AP Although there are other categories in this mixed list which include broader scope eg Blood Gases

Try << 394733009 |Medical specialty (qualifier value)|

Also << 394595002 |Pathology (qualifier value)|   has  394916005 |Hematopathology (specialty) (qualifier value)|

Note overlap between specialities and "service".  DK: Service is preferred here especially since the ValueSet being used is diagnostic-service-sections

< 224891009 |Healthcare services (qualifier value)| has << 708175003 |Diagnostic imaging service (qualifier value)| and 

List from NZ ValueSet here.

Interest in having these service concepts added to the IPS

22 March 2022 Plan is to publish the IPS as a sub-ontology.  Concerns about IPS artefacts referencing GPS concepts eg in the ECL - may have since been resolved.  Check eg

3 April 2022 First attempt mapping from HL7 v2 table 0074 to SNOMED CT.

codeCurrently bound to LOINC

If we were to try and use SNOMED CT    << 386053000 |Evaluation procedure (procedure)| overlapping with Observables (some evaluation procedures expecting to move to Observables).   However currently lacking support in SNOMED CT for panel codes which would be required.

conclusionCode404684003 |(Clinical finding)|Looks good!

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