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Working from LogicaHealth IG

See analysis spreadsheet by Linda Bird

FHIR elementBindingComments
Condition.codeCOVID 19 Signs and Symptoms Value Set
  • Level of specificity is different in some cases, e.g. 49727002 Cough (finding) in SNOMED subset, child concepts in HL7 subset, 22253000 Pain (finding) in HL7, subtypes in SNOMED subset.
  • HL7 set contains concepts and children, e.g. both 49727002 Cough (finding) and 11833005 Dry cough (finding)
  • Some concept is present in SNOMED subset

    66857006 Hemoptysis (finding)
    367391008 Malaise (finding)

Condition.modifierExtension:certaintyOfPresence CertaintyOfPresenceVS
  • 60022001 Possible diagnosis (contextual qualifier) (qualifier value) is inconsistent with other choices
  • No labels