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These instructions are designed to help SNOMED National Release Centers (NRC) from other countries request the promotion of content from the U.S. Extension to the International edition.

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Log into the United States Content Request System (US CRS) (


1. Click on Create New Request and follow steps 3 & 4 below.

2. If submitting a request with greater than or equal to 10 concepts, please email a completed batch template to the US NRC ( for review. If approved by the US NRC you can then submit the request by clicking on New Batch Import and create a batch request. Instructions for creating a new batch request can be found here: Create a Batch Request


The "Create New Request" window is displayed. Select the following options

  • Input Mode: Simple
  • Request Type: Other

Click Create Request


The New Request screen opens. Populate the following fields:

  • Local SNOMED CT Code: US Extension concept ID to be promoted
  • Originating Organization: Your country
  • Topic: Other
  • Summary: Request promotion of US Extension content to International Edition
  • Purposed Use Case: Populate with your use case
  • References: Populate with appropriate references to show international applicability
  • Notes: Provide any applicable notes
  • Namespace: Place your country's extension namespace identifier here
  • Description of Request:
    • Please promote the following concept with all of its descriptors from the US Extension into the International edition. As part of the promotion, please retrain the US extension concept identifier (i.e. SCTID) currently assigned to the concept.
    • Include any additional supporting text.

Click Submit Request

5The US NRC will review the US CRS Request. If approved, the US NRC will submit a ticket to SNOMED International via the INT CRS to have the concept promoted to the International Edition. The US NRC will then reject the original US CRS ticket and will provide information about the submitted INT CRS ticket.

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