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The template design requirements include:

Requirement D.1: Placeholders for values

Templates should allow for placeholders (i.e. slots) to be specified, wherever a concept, expression, token or attribute value can be used.

Requirement D.2 Slot names

Templates should allow each slot to be assigned a name, enabling the slot to be referenced outside the slot (e.g. for specifying input data). 

Requirement D.3 Slot types

Template slots should be able to be constrained to only permit a specific type of value (e.g. only allowing precoordinated concepts to replace a slot).

Requirement D.4: Template value constraints

Templates slots should be able to be constrained to only permit values from a specific value set (e.g. only allowing expressions that satisfy a given expression constraint).

Requirement D.5: Repeatability of template components

Templates should support a way of indicating how many times each focus concept, relationship group and attribute value pair can be repeated when the template is populated.  

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