The Starter Guide is intended as a practical and useful starting point from which anyone with a general interest in healthcare information can begin learning about SNOMED CT. It provides a broad overview of SNOMED CT from which to start a more detailed exploration of areas that are of particular interest. Besides from the Starter Guide, SNOMED International provides a range of formally approved specifications and practical guidance documents. These can be accessed from the onlide document library:


SNOMED International provides online courses, tutorials and other materials that are designed to enable you to learn more about SNOMED CT. Additionally, we offer completion certificates to those who pass course assessments. To find out more about these education services please visit on the SNOMED International website. For access to courses, tutorials and other educational materials go to the SNOMED CT E-Learning Server.


The SNOMED CT Expo is an open event for anyone interested in SNOMED CT and practical applications of the terminology. The event includes invited keynote speakers and several tracks of peer-reviewed presentations about SNOMED CT in general with a focus on implementation experiences and developments that facilitate more effective use of the terminology.

The Expo also includes tutorials and workshops for those seeking greater understanding of SNOMED CT, an exhibition of vendor products that use SNOMED CT and a range of poster presentations on related topics. 

The Expo is the main annual event in the SNOMED International calendar for anyone interested in the use and development of the global healthcare terminology. In addition to the scheduled sessions, it provides an excellent opportunity to network with others with a shared interest in SNOMED CT.

Additional resources



Information about SNOMED International
Find out more about the organization, members, newsletter and events.

General information about SNOMED CT
Materials include a benefits and information about licensing.

Documentation Library
Access to detailed documents, including the Technical Implementation Guide, Editorial Guide and FAQs.

SNOMED CT Browsers
A range of online and offline tools to search SNOMED CT content.

SNOMED CT in Action
Examples of how SNOMED CT is being used around the world.

SNOMED CT Starter Guide
The latest version of this guide.
(The guide can also be found in the Documentation Library - see above).

SNOMED CT E-Learning Server
Sign up for SNOMED CT courses or see publicly accessible presentations.