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The SnomedRfsMySql package includes tools that are used to:

  • Apply the MySQL settings required by the SNOMED CT load process 

  • Run the SNOMED CT load process.

Download and Unzip the SnomedRfsMySql  Package

  • The package can be downloaded as a zip archive file SnomedRfsMySql.

  • Unzip this file to create a folder with called SnomedRfsMySql.

Move the SnomedRfsMySql  Folder to Your Home Folder

  • Use Finder (or File Explorer) to move the SnomedRfsMySql folder so it becomes a subfolder of you home folder.1

    • On MacOS or other Unix based systems: /Users/your-username/SnomedRfsMySql
    • On Windows systems:  C:\SnomedRfsMySql

Ref Notes

If you prefer, you can move the SnomedRfsMySql folder to a different location. If you do this then references to "$HOME/SnomedRfsMySql" (or "C:\SnomedRfsMySql") in the following instructions should be replaced by references to the path to the SnomedRfsMySql folder on your system.

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