Combinations of Concepts in a single expression for data entry may be required in cases where a Concept that represents the full scope of an activity is not available. Facilities for combining Concepts in an expression should be implemented and used with care.

It is appropriate to use these facilities when the combined result is conceived as a single statement that could potentially be used in many different patient records. For example, a diagnosis of "gallstones with cholecystitis" could be entered by selecting the 235919008 | gallstone (disorder) | and then selecting 76581006 | cholecystitis (disorder) | and combining these in a single statement  1 .

Figure 6.4.3-1: Entry of concept combinations

It is not appropriate to use these constructs to attempt to express an entire encounter, episode or clinical history in a single statement. For example, if a patient is treated for "gallstones with cholecystitis" diagnosed by "ultrasonography of biliary tract" with a course of | amoxycillin | followed after the acute phase has resolved by a | cholecystectomy |, this should not be entered as a single complex post-coordinated statement combining the diagnosis, investigation and treatments.

Ref Notes
1 There is also a pre-coordinated Concept | Calculus of gallbladder with cholecystitis | which is equivalent to this post-coordinated combination.