Groups of people, such as practitioners of a discipline or specialty, frequently use similar sets of Descriptions and Concepts. Lists of widely understood (or easily learned) abbreviations or mnemonics that allow rapid entry of these commonly used Concepts are recommended as a way of accelerating repetitive recording.

A similar facility may also be useful for individual users or organizations that have sets of Descriptions and Concepts that they use frequently. Providing an easy way for users to store personal favorites following a search and recall these favorites with user-defined abbreviated access terms will enhance usability and significantly increase the speed of data entry.

User guidance may be necessary to minimize the risk of overusing the shortcuts. Unless the general search facilities are also easy to use, it is likely that users will favor the shortcuts even when it would be more appropriate to use a more accurate but less accessible Concept. An unchecked bias toward easy to record Concepts may lead to deterioration in data quality, statistical anomalies, and in the worst case, inappropriate treatment.