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When developing or evaluating a change management process it is important to take different factors into account. Some of these factors are introduced in the table below.

Table 6.6.1-1: Change management considerations

Request for change

Where will the need for change come from?

This could be any of the stakeholders involved in the capture or use of the information that is expressed using the subset.

How will change requests be expressed and submitted?

These may be submitted directly by users, or may be collated and edited by suppliers. The maintainers of the subset may be proactive in looking for improvements, or may wait for requests for change to be submitted.

What lead time is acceptable for the processing of a change request?

What should users of the subset do in the period between recognizing the need for a change, and that need being met by a new release of the subset?

Options may include using free text, creating local codes, or waiting for the revision to be available.

Revision cycle

Will there be a predictable revision cycle with regular releases, or will changes be made on an as-needed basis?


What editorial and technical resources are needed?

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