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Principles for modifying reference sets include:

  • Reference sets can be modified by changing the value of the active attribute or the value of the moduleId attribute, i.e. for activating or inactivating the reference set, or moving the reference set to another module (a module on which the current module depends).
    • The reference set metadata concept is always primitive and the concept can therefore not be changed from primitive to fully defined, or from fully defined to primitive, i.e. the value of the definitionStatusId attribute should be primitive for all versions of the reference set
  • The reference set type should not be changed, i.e. the |is a| relationship, linking the reference set to the appropriate reference set type concept should not be changed
    •  The only situation where the the reference set type may change is if the reference set was originally misplaced in the SNOMED CT hierarchy.
  • If the reference set needs to be changed to a different type, (for example, from a simple reference set to an ordered component type reference set) then it would require the original reference set to be inactivated and a new reference set to be created in accordance with the Descriptor for that reference set type. 
  • Reference sets that belong to a module which is not managed by the extension producer should not be modified.


Modifying a reference set created within the extension module

The process for modifying the reference set concept, is similar to the general process for modifying concepts in SNOMED CT. Therefore, please refer to Modify Concept in an Extension for further guidance.

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