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As part of developing a new reference set it should be created and identified as part of the Edition that it belongs to.

When creating a new reference set, the organization developing the reference set will need access to a namespace in order to generate SCTIds. Within their namespace, a moduleId concept (with an FSN and Preferred Term) should be added, placed in the  900000000000443000 | Module (core metadata concept)| subhierarchy within the metadata, for each authoring organization.

To specify any reference set it is necessary to identify the reference set by creating a concept and name the reference set by associated descriptions. The concepts should be a subtype of the relevant reference set type concept in the foundation metadata hierarchy. This could for example be as a descendant of the  446609009 | Simple type reference set (foundation metadata concept)| , or the  900000000000512005 | Query specification type reference set (foundation metadata concept)| . The latter is used for intensional reference set definitions. Following table shows the steps to follow when creating a new reference set.

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