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In the International Edition of SNOMED CT three reference sets of the type  900000000000480006 | Attribute value type reference set|  are used to indicate the reason why components  have been inactivated. These are: 

For example, if the inactivated component is marked as 900000000000484002 | Ambiguous| , this will typically mean that there will be more than one component replacing the inactivated component. The possible replacements will be available in the 900000000000523009 | POSSIBLY EQUIVALENT TO association reference set (foundation metadata concept)| .

Another example is concepts that are inactivated because they were 900000000000482003 | Duplicate| . This is used if two concepts represent the same meaning, because then one of those concepts must be inactivated. The equivalent concept will be represented in the 900000000000527005 | SAME AS association reference set (foundation metadata concept)| . Please refer to Representing Historical Associations  to see which reference sets relate to the various reasons for inactivation.

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