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A combination of reference sets and subsumption testing can be used to enable a simple, yet sophisticated, analytics feature. For example, you may want to include all of the descendants of reference set members in a particular analysis.

The diagram below illustrate the difference of categorizing patients using two approaches:

  1. A subset of components. 
    • Two patients are included in a query which analyzes encoded health records and checks for membership in the appropriate subset. E.g. patients with a finding included in the rare diseases reference set.
  2. A subset of components and subsumption testing.   
    • Three patients are included in a query which test the codes recorded in patient records and check for membership in the appropriate subset or descendants of the subset members. E.g. patients with an associated finding that is referenced in the rare diseases reference set, or any subtypes of the concepts in the reference set.

Figure Categorizing patients using a simple reference set and subsumption testing

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