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It is important that vendors work with valid editions, versions and derivatives of SNOMED CT that are relevant in the context of the country. This is also pertinent when considering the native language of local healthcare systems, if this is relevant and the native language is available.

  1. The vendor shall incorporate SNOMED CT as the primary, clinical terminology in the EHR, including the international edition, national edition, and any relevant local extensions.
  2. The vendor shall be responsible to update SNOMED CT within 12 months of a new version of the deployed SNOMED CT edition being published (e.g. international, national or local edition). This process should include updating all SNOMED CT components that have been added or changed, and other derivative artifacts that refer to SNOMED CT components.
  3. The vendor shall implement SNOMED CT in the native language of implementing country/organization.
  4. The vendor shall create or source all SNOMED CT subsets and maps required by the customer. All such subsets and maps shall undergo an approved quality assurance process required by the customers to support user interface value lists, CDS trigger rules, queries, reports and messages.
  5. The vendor shall provide a strategy for feedback mechanism to submit new content and/or add content locally e.g. vendors shall engage with the NRC if additional content is required.
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