The IPS Terminology provides the basic terminology features needed to implement the International Patient Summary. However, it does not include the full set of features provided by a complete SNOMED CT edition - including the version history, historical associations, translations, mappings, and the more extensive clinical content.

Given that the IPS Terminology is a subset of the full SNOMED CT international edition with a very similar distribution format and implementation mechanisms, the process of upgrading the IPS Terminology to a complete edition of SNOMED CT is straightforward. Once a license for the chosen SNOMED CT edition has been obtained, and the associated release package has been downloaded, the terminology server can be updated by loading the Snapshot files from the new package. Any ECL queries that were used with the IPS Terminology will continue to work on the new SNOMED CT edition - however, these queries will be able to select a larger set of matching concepts from a complete edition. New ECL queries may also be developed to take advantage of the extra content available in the complete edition.

Additional tooling may be required to support extra features, such as the creation of extensions, reference sets, mappings, translations, and post-coordination.

Access to a complete edition of SNOMED CT is available:

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