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If the source concept asserts a gender restriction, a target will be selected including the restriction. If no targets with restriction apply, a more general target will be chosen. The mapCategoryId will indicate that the source is properly classified ( 447637006 | Map source concept is properly classified (foundation metadata concept)| ) in ICD-10, the mapRule will default to TRUE and mapAdvice will be NULL.  The first IF A rule applied should be female; the latter should be male.  This will prevent any sequencing discrepancies from resulting.

If the source concept does not assert gender, yet only gender restricted target codes are found within ICD-10, the map will be considered CONTEXT DEPENDENT. The Map Terminologist will create three Map members for this source concept, including rules for mapping to female and male record context as appropriate to the ICD-10 structures, and a default record indicating that the concept is not classifiable in the absence of gender information.

  • 8619003 | Infertile (finding)| will be mapped within a single mapGroup employing sequential rules for female and male gender patients and exclusion rules as appropriate. The Map Target for each record will link to the appropriate classification code for that gender context; females map to N97.9, Female infertility, unspecified and males map to N46, Male infertility. The mapCategoryId for each will indicate that the record is context dependent ( 447639009 | Map of source concept is context dependent| ), the mapRule will be "IFA 248152002 Female (finding)" or "IFA 248153007 Male (finding)". A final default Map member will also be created should rule processing for gender not be supported by vendor software. This will include a mapCategoryId indicating the Map is not classifiable ( 447638001 | Mapsource concept cannot be classified with available data| ), requiring patient data. (Exemplar: Gender: #3)
  • 430556008 | Malignant neoplasm of genital structure (disorder)| has a similar mapping. In this case, the map for females is C57.9 Malignant neoplasm, female genital organ, unspecified. The mapping for males is C63.9 Malignant neoplasm, male genital organ, unspecified (Exemplar: Gender: #4)
  • 410070006 | Herniated urinary bladder (disorder)|  also requires gender restrictions; the map for female is N81.1 Cystocele, and the map for male is N32.8 Other specified disorders of bladder. (Exemplar: Gender: #5)

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