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Previously known as either “Beta” or “Candidate Baseline” Release status, this applies to a collection of SNOMED CT release files that represent the final, formally endorsed release of additions of components and/or derivatives to the SNOMED CT International Release or to other products in the IHTSDO Service Catalog.  The Beta status indicates the releasing party (SNOMED International or the owner of the Extension) expects to subsequently confirm it as a Production release. However, if a significant issue is reported in its format or content during the feedback period, the releasing party reserves the right to withdraw a Beta release, or to replace it with another version of the Beta release, in order to address the issue. The releasing party need not commit to this being an actual Production release until shortly before the due date for the next release.


  1. The Beta release packages are distributed for evaluation purposes only.  They must not be used in production clinical systems or in clinical settings. 
  2. Beta releases should not be distributed to Affiliate Licensees or any third parties before the relevant Production release.  
  3. The significance of the Beta status is that anyone implementing this data must be prepared for withdrawal or significant changes that may occur to the additional components or derivatives. Therefore, this data should not be used in an operational environment in ways that create a dependency on continued maintenance of the additional components or derivatives. However, a Beta release may be confirmed as a Production edition and, in that case all subsequent updates to the additional components and derivatives will be fully version tracked from the release of the Beta edition.


  • Beta release
  • Beta package

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