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A group of SNOMED CT components and/or reference set members that, at a given point in time, are managed, maintained and distributed as a unit.


  1. Components and reference set members that are part of the same module are share the same moduleId value.
  2. The organization responsible for managing and maintaining components in a module, is the organization that created that moduleId.
  3. Each components and reference set member is a part of one and only one module as at a given point in time.
  4. All modules, except one International Edition module, have dependencies on other modules and these dependencies are specified by the 5.2.12 Module Dependency Reference Set.
  5. An organization, that is authorized to create a SNOMED CT Extension is responsible for organize the components and reference set members that they create into one or more modules, in a way that best fits its business needs.
  6. The organization responsible for a module can move a components or reference set member from that module to another module that it is responsible for, by creating a revised version of the components or reference set member with a different moduleId. The component is part of the new module from the effectiveTime of the revised version.
  7. Subject to rules related to movement of components between two extensions or between an extension and the International Edition, it is possible for a components or reference set member to be moved between modules maintained by different organizations.


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