This is an abbreviation for SNOMED CT National Edition.

SNOMED CT National Edition

A set of SNOMED CT components and reference set members that either belong to a focus module identified by a National Release Center (NRC), or belong to one of the modules on which that module depends.


  • The focus module is part of the National Release for which that NRC is responsible. 
  • An NRC may have multiple National Editions with different focus modules for each edition.
  • A National Edition may:
    • be part of a National Release distributed to licensees.
    • combine a focus module from the National Release, the relevant versions of modules in the International Edition, and any other extension modules on which the focus module of the National Edition depends. 


  • United States Edition
  • Canadian Edition
  • United Kingdom Clinical Edition (does not include UK drug extension modules)
  • United Kingdom Edition (includes UK drug extension modules)


  • National Edition

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