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EDQM is a directorate of the Council of Europe, created in 1964 to provide common standards to control the quality of medicines and substances used in the manufacture of medicines. EDQM's Standard Terms Database contains terms and definitions to describe pharmaceutical dose forms, routes of administration, methods of administration, containers, closures, administration devices and units of presentation. These standard terms are designed to support a range of use cases in Europe (and beyond), including use in marketing authorisation applications (MAAs), summaries of product characteristics (SmPCs), labelling, electronic communications, adverse event reporting (pharmacovigilance) and clinical trials.

SNOMED International, in collaboration with EDQM, has published a map from EDQM's pharmaceutical dose forms to SNOMED CT's pharmaceutical dose forms, to help support a range of medication use cases, including authoring a SNOMED CT drug extension (based on authorised product information), linking to patient care processes (which reference drugs that use EDQM dose forms), mapping national/local medication product dictionaries to SNOMED CT for international interoperability, clinical decision support, and mapping an IDMP-compliant regulatory database to SNOMED CT drug concepts.

This user guide describes the main use cases for the map, how to obtain the latest version of the map, the mapping principles that were used to develop the map, and guidance for implementing the map.

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