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Figure 3.1-1: Simple expression diagram

Expression diagrams are the most general form of diagram, which represent a SNOMED CT expression as defined in the SNOMED CT Compositional Grammar. Diagrams representing expressions may exist on their own, or be part of a larger diagram representing a concept definition or relation between two expressions.

In its simplest form this may simply be a single concept

Figure 3.1-2: Diagram of the single concept  INLINE95617006 | Neonatal cyanosis | 

In more complex scenarios diagrams may represent coordination of attribute types and concepts.

Figure 3.1-3: _Ref347406127Figure 4 Expression equivalentINLINEEquivalent as at the January 2012 SNOMED CT International release.*toINLINE95617006 | Neonatal cyanosis |

In all expressions other than a single concept value

1 it is necessary to start the diagram with a conjunction dot.

Ref Notes

An example of an expression is shown in Figure 4, whereas a single concept value is shown in Figure 3