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Starter Guide

This document is a practical and useful starting point from which anyone with a general interest in healthcare information can begin learning about SNOMED CT.

Español: Guía de Introducción a SNOMED CT
Deutsche: SNOMED CT Starter Guide
Português: Guia de Introdução ao SNOMED CT


National Release Center Guide

This guide offers a practical starting point for SNOMED International Members. It provides guidance on National Release Center (NRC) responsibilities and the relationships between NRCs, SNOMED International, implementers and users within a Member country or territory.

Português: Guia de Centros Nacionais de Edição e Distribuição do SNOMED CT

CNRC Frequently Asked QuestionsThese FAQs supplement existing onboarding materials, and provide a quick reference to common questions that many new Members face.


Vendor Introduction to SNOMED CT

An introduction to SNOMED CT focused primarily on the needs of vendors and developers of healthcare systems and applications.
ESNOMED CT Edition URI ExamplesThis page lists some examples of SNOMED CT international and national editions, including the focus module and the edition URI.

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