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Conditions of Use

All tools providing access to SNOMED CT should display information about the version of the SNOMED CT International Release and information about any extensions included. They should also ensure that it is possible to access the current release. However, IHTSDO is not able to monitor these products to ensure conformance with this advice. Therefore, users should be aware that the version of SNOMED CT shown by a particular browser may be out of date and/or may include national or local extensions. 

Conditions of Use when accessing SNOMED CT with publicly available browsers and software

Browsers and other software tools that include or provide access to SNOMED Clinical Terms (SNOMED CT®) do so by permission of the International Health Terminology Standards Development Organization (IHTSDO®) subject to the terms of the SNOMED CT Affiliate License Agreement (see"SNOMED", "SNOMED CT" and "IHTSDO" are registered trademarks of the IHTSDO (

Use of publicly available software and tools that include or provide access to SNOMED CT is governed by the conditions of the sub-license issued by the provider of the software. Unless otherwise stated in that sublicense the following conditions apply: 

  1. The meaning of the terms "Affiliate", or "Data Analysis System", "Data Creation System", "Derivative", "End User", "Extension", "Member", "Non-Member Territory", "SNOMED CT" and "SNOMED CT Content" are as defined in the IHTSDO Affiliate License Agreement (see
  2. Individuals or organizations wishing to register as IHTSDO Affiliates can register at, subject to acceptance of the Affiliate License Agreement (see
  3. The current list of IHTSDO Member Territories can be viewed at Countries not included in that list are "Non-Member Territories".
  4. End Users, that do not hold an IHTSDO Affiliate License, may access SNOMED CT® using publicly available software subject to acceptance of and adherence to sub-license limitations. Information about sublicense conditions for access to SNOMED CT using publicly available browsers can be found at In summary, the following limitations apply to this type of access:
    1. The sub-licensee is only permitted to access SNOMED CT® using this software (or service) for the purpose of exploring and evaluating the terminology.
    2. The sub-licensee is not permitted the use of this software as part of a system that constitutes a SNOMED CT "Data Creation System" or "Data Analysis System", as defined in the IHTSDO Affiliate License. This means that the sub-licensee must not use the software to add or copy SNOMED CT identifiers into any type of record system, database or document.
    3. The sub-licensee is not permitted to translate or modify SNOMED CT Content or Derivatives.
    4. The sub-licensee is not permitted to distribute or share SNOMED CT Content or Derivatives.
  5. IHTSDO Affiliates may use SNOMED CT as part of a "Data Creation System" or "Data Analysis System" subject to the following conditions:
    1. An IHTSDO Affiliate, making SNOMED CT available in products or services used outside Member countries must register their intention to use at prior to use.
    2. The IHTSDO Affiliate, using SNOMED CT must accept full responsibility for any reporting and fees due for use or deployment of such a system in a Non-Member Territory.
    3. The IHTSDO Affiliate must not use the software to access or interact with SNOMED CT in any way that is not permitted by the Affiliate License Agreement.
    4. In the event of termination of the Affiliate License Agreement, the use of the software will be subject to the End User limitations noted in 4.

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