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documents the SIG will use in NZ, but open for comment and change prior to the meeting

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document Preliminary agenda 9.28.16 v1.docx 2016-Oct-05 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Word Document meeting summary 10.5.16.docx 2016-Oct-05 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Word Document Agenda 10.14.16 v2.docx 2016-Oct-14 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Caries spreadsheet for review.xlsx 2016-Oct-14 by Mark Jurkovich


  1. An updated agenda (agenda 10.14.16 v2) has been posted.  It includes a number of URL's to IHTSDO documents that may assist in meeting preparation.  Please take a look at these documents as time permits prior to the meeting.  I believe they will help us work from a consistent viewpoint as we finalize the odontogram ref set, determine how we can best contribute to maintenance and improvement of the general dentistry refset, assist us in developing fully defined terms, where appropriate, and assist us in determining why and how we might recommend a term be moved to inactive (or re-activated).

  2. The caries spreadsheet might be a reasonable starting point for reviewing caries terms and determining which should remain active and where we can fully define the term, if appropriate.