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Please note revised date from planned April 6 meeting

  File Modified
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet refset only with additions flat file 2.8.16 v3.xlsx 2016-Feb-08 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Caries spreadsheet revised Jan 31 v2.xlsx 2016-Feb-08 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet Odontogram refset v3.xlsx 2016-Feb-08 by Mark Jurkovich
Microsoft Excel Spreadsheet refset for confluence post 3.9.16.xlsx 2016-Mar-10 by Mark Jurkovich


  1. Comments on a possible general dentistry ref set would be very much appreciated.  Please see the attached spreadsheet.  

    This is designed as a basic set of terms that would cover MOST of the needs of a general dentist.  It is not designed to be comprehensive, but to cover those terms a general dentist would use on even a somewhat infrequent basis.  Comments on whether this is useful internationally would be very helpful.  If there is international usefulness, do you see any gaps or areas we need to consider adding additional terms?

  2. There is a new post of what is now agreed to in the USA for a general dental ref set.  It is located in the documents section under our March 23 meeting heading. Please review this, determine if it has International value and, if possible, identify any gaps.  This will be  a major part of the discussion at our face to face meeting in April.  Please contact me at if you have any questions.  Please do not hesitate to post a comment to this site or actually adjust the spreadsheet with changes, but please do them in a different color so we can review the changes.  Thanks.