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Please post your thoughts on how to properly represent dental caries in waht would be the most effective manner that you can identify for use in electronic records system. There are currently at least two international models for caries. Both of these, if represented exactly as the models, might prove less effective within SNOMED. Please post your thoughts and what you believe to be the most important considerations here so that others can review and comment on t hem. By Tuesday, December 20, an email string that began this discussion will be posted as a starting point for further comment.

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  1. Quick comment on "findings" vs "morphologic abnormalities" in SNOMED (6.6.1 Morphologic abnormalities vs. Findings) that might help clarify some of this work.  The morphologic abnormalities should not be used on place of clinical findings, we may need to add the findings to support these ideas.  I also think we have loaded up the morphologic abnormalities as a compromise to limitations in the current concept model that may be adding to the confusion.


  2. This is a good example: