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SNOMED CT Terminology Services Certification recognizes an individual's competence in searching and retrieving SNOMED CT content using a SNOMED CT enabled terminology server.

To achieve this certification you must pass the SNOMED CT Terminology Services Certification Exam. This exam includes a range of knowledge and skills based activities that test an individual's competence in using SNOMED CT terminology services. The exam is electronically proctored (or invigilated) to ensure that all students comply with the examination rules.

To enrol in the SNOMED CT Terminology Services Certification Exam, please visit the SNOMED CT Course Catalogue.  


Recertification must be undertaken every three years to maintain this credential. To achieve recertification, individuals must resit and pass the current SNOMED CT Terminology Services Certification Exam

TSC Certification Register

The table below lists individuals who currently hold SNOMED CT Terminology Services Certification and who have consented for their details to be shown.

Table-1: Individuals with SNOMED CT Terminology Services Certification




First Certified

Last Certified

Recertification Due

ALERS, Margretmargret.alers@palga.nlNetherlands202320232026
BAJWA, Ozair-USA202020202023
BARROSO SÁ CORREIA, Liliana Marria -Portugal202220222025
BOSSENKO, Igorigor.bossenko@gmail.comEstonia202120212024
DESHAYES, Regis-Germany202120212024
DRENKHAHN, Corac.drenkhahn@uni-luebeck.deGermany202020202023

IVANOVA, Marina-Estonia202020212024
KOVER, Adam-Norway202320232026
KRISTIANSEN, Beatebeate.kristiansen@hotmail.comNorway202220222025
LEO, Jared-UK202320232026
MAS, Toni-Spain202120212024
OVONLEN, Dawn-UK202220222025
PANG, Martinmartinpang1012@gmail.comUK202320232026
PANYOWAT, Rath-Thailand202120212024
PARK, Hyeoun-Ae-South Korea202320232026
POPHALKAR, Sayali -India202220222025
SEGURA, Laura-Spain202220222025
Thawillarp, Supharerkraynus.blueray@gmail.comThailand202220222025

To request for your details to be added or removed from this register, please complete the Certification Register Consent Form

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