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New Features/Improvements

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Key Summary Linked Issues

Additional Notes

This is a new feature release which adds automation support to concept inactivation.

Existing feature improvements include filtering of validation rules to only display those that can be fixed by the author, retaining concepts loaded in the edit view after rebase, updated save validation error text, and the ability to open a concept directly into the edit panel from linked FSN text in the Saved List and Taxonomy (as for Search results).

This release has been accepted for deployment with some known issues in order to make the inactivation automation feature available in the 20 July scheduled deployment:

  • Inactivation Automation: Inactivations with very many changes may result in timeouts within the system. This has been experienced during the inactivation of a qualifier value affecting 500+ stated relationships. The workaround at this point with these sets is to inactivate the concept initially, check the relationships, press 'Complete' and then navigate away from the screen. If you return to the task after an hour and check a prior stated relationship (or visit the review tab) you should see that the relationship pointing to the concept to be inactivated will have been inactivated and replaced with the new relationship stated by the author. At this point you should then press inactivate once more upon the concept. You should see that the list of affected concepts will now be blank (as these updates have already gone through). Pressing 'Complete' at this point will finalise the inactivation. Note this only applies to change sets of over a hundred stated concepts from initial testing. 
  • Inactivation Automation: Some non-critical presentation issues have been accepted for initial deployment.
  • Validation Report (Project): A "Show Project Report" / "Show Full Report" toggle button is now presented but it does not yet apply the project filtering. Show Full Report shows the previously available report contents so no functionality is lost, but the additional filtering option needs a bug fix.
  • Validation Report (Project & Task): Author Whitelisting is now presented but needs further verification. We advise to NOT use this functionality until it has been more thoroughly tested for the next release.
  • Validation Report (Project & Task): Loading may be slow when looking up details for the FSN column display. Although it may seem to be not working, it takes time at the moment to complete many lookups.
  • Edit Panel: Inactivation/deletion availability conditions have been modified for published/unpublished components, but component inactivation can result in an unresolvable situation if a save validation (Drools) rule kicks in.

These issues will be addressed in the next scheduled release.

Module versions

Front-end Version 1.0.145

Back-end Version 4.5.63

Orchestration Service Version 1.25

TS Browser Version 0.17

Traceability Service Version 1.0.4

Drools Rules Version 1.5


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