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Module versions

Front-end Version 1.0.25

Back-end Version 4.5.6

Orchestration Service Version 1.19

TS Browser Version 0.13

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  1. Hi Steve, 

    I am still seeing 0.05 and the "UAT" banner still flashes in the top left corner ever so briefly. I tried the link I have in favourites and the link in the User Guide. Is the new version online?

  2. I see the same thing.  I bit confusing. 

  3. I just found out that if you clear the cookies and browsing data, the new version opens.

  4. Please refer to Known issues Known Issues for steps to clear cache.

  5. Yes, the new version of SCA is online, however the login process is handled by a separate application (Identity Management Services, or IMS for short) which currently shows its version number on the login page header. We have an updated IMS version in UAT which is almost ready for release to Production.

    To remove the ambiguity around the IMS/SCA version we will update both IMS and SCA to make versioning clearer and readily available from any application page. These changes will include removing the version number display from the IMS header, as this has been the main source of confusion. Other IHTSDO tools will eventually be linked via the IMS login/landing pages, not just SCA, so the IMS version numbering can't simply track the SCA tool version.

    Thanks also for noting the UAT banner issue Monica - this has now been fixed, and the UAT banner no longer shows up on Production - clearing your browser cache as you mentioned and reloading the page should verify this.