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New Features/Improvements

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Defects Corrected

Key Summary Linked Issues

Additional Notes

In this release additional message handling is included to notify when a task branch is locked due to an on-going operation. Although this was designed to deal with task locking due to an on-going rebase or promotion, it will also display when a classification is in progress. A subsequent release will improve the message to be more generic, so that rebase and promotion aren't specifically stated as the reason for the task locking.

Whilst this release includes improvements to the rebase request response handling as the first stage in improving the rebase process, work is continuing to improve the core rebase performance - rebase completion time will not be significantly different in this release.

Module versions

Front-end Version 1.0.42

Back-end Version 4.5.10

Orchestration Service Version 1.21

TS Browser Version 0.13

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