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Changes in this release

New features/improvements

None in this release.

Defects Corrected

Key Summary Linked Issues

Additional Notes

This is an emergency change to resolve issues related to hitting maximum connection limits for websockets.

Module versions in this deployment

ModuleVersionDeployment notes
Authoring Acceptance Gateway 1.0.0 Unchanged
Authoring-Services (API) 6.1.1 Unchanged
Authoring-UI 6.13.6 New
Drools Rules 2.7.1 Unchanged
MRCMMT-UI 1.3.0 Unchanged
Orchestration Service 2.1.0 Unchanged
Reporting_UI (Schedule_Manager_UI)  1.3.11 Unchanged
Reporting_Engine (Schedule_Manager) 5.1.0 Unchanged
SNOMED Templates 2.9.0 Unchanged
Template Service (API) 3.1.0 Unchanged
Traceability Service 2.0.0 Unchanged
SCT Browser (TS Browser) 3.20.0 Unchanged
Terminology Server (Snowstorm) 7.1.2 Unchanged

 Related dependencies for information

ModuleVersionInfo/context notes
Classification Service 6.0.1 Unchanged
CIS 1.2.5 Unchanged
Identity Management Service (IMS) 2.0.4 Unchanged
RVF-API 3.1.2 Unchanged
SRS-API 4.0.1 Unchanged
RP Autoscaling (config) 5.1.0 Unchanged
RVF Autoscaling (config) 3.1.2 Unchanged
RVF Autoscaling (drools) 2.7.1 Unchanged
SRS Autoscaling (config) 4.0.1 Unchanged
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