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Additional Notes

This is a scheduled feature release for prioritised QI support, including a Drools Rules update - please see the associated Drools Rules Version 1.19 release notes. Due to the additional Drools Rules save validation checks, saving concepts may be slower - this is a known issue, now being investigated for optimisation in the next maintenance release.

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Module versions in this deployment

ModuleVersionDeployment notes
Authoring-Services (API)5.5.1unchanged
Classification-Service (International)1.1.6unchanged
Drools Rules1.19new
MRCM Rules (International)1.21unchanged
MRCM Rules (Managed Service)1.16unchanged
Orchestration Service1.37.1unchanged
SNOMED Templates1.2.1unchanged
Template Service (API)1.4.3unchanged
Terminology Server5.12.2new
Traceability Service1.1.1unchanged
TS Browser1.1.0new

 Related dependencies for information

ModuleVersionInfo/context notes
Identity Management Service (IMS)1.2.1unchanged