Apelon is an international informatics company focusing on data standardization and interoperability. Leading healthcare organizations use Apelon's products and services to better manage terminology assets. Apelon solutions help healthcare application vendors, biomedical researchers, providers, biotech companies and government agencies improve the quality, comparability, and accessibility of clinical information.


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SNOMED CT plays a central role in many Apelon products and projects. Apelon tools feature navigation and visualization tools to support SNOMED CT in a variety of ways. Apelon also undertakes bespoke content development and consultancy work in healthcare and biomedicine using SNOMED CT.

The Apelon Terminology Development Environment (TDE) software was used by the College of American Pathologists to build and maintain the SNOMED CT International Edition prior to the formation of IHTSDO. Apelon software continues to be used by major healthcare organizations and some National Release Centers to maintain SNOMED CT extensions, maps and subsets.

Apelon Distributed Terminology System

The Apelon Distributed Terminology System (DTS) offers a variety of human and computer interfaces to navigate, visualize and query SNOMED CT. DTS allows users to create custom extensions to SNOMED CT and perform incremental description logic classification to ensure that the extensions are consistent with the base version of SNOMED CT. DTS permits navigation, and side-by-side comparison of concepts across multiple SNOMED CT versions. Features of Apelon DTS supporting analytics and data retrieval include:

Projects Using SNOMED CT

Apelon frequently choose to rely upon SNOMED CT in their consulting work as the overarching reference terminology. Recent projects using SNOMED CT include: