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September 12, 2016


Discussion items

1Welcome, apologies and conflicts of interestHazel Brear
  • Recording underway to assist with notes

2 Content Mapping Service General Monthly Report


 No-one from the Content Mapping Service available to give the update. 
Development of two maps published with a cancer coding project

 Paper attached(NebraskaLexicon_releasenotes)

Presentation attached: Please review for comment and discussion in Wellington NZ in October.

Review draft agenda for October Face-to-Face Meeting & SNOMED CT Expo 

Reviewed draft agenda. Several other items requested for inclusion.

Hazel Brear listed some sessions of interest (presented by our members) at SNOMED CT Expo

 Hazel Brear to update agenda with requested items. Also email Kin-Wah Fung about requested item version of ICD-10 modifications in use. 

Any Other Business and Next Meeting Date  



Meeting Files

  File Modified
Microsoft Word Document doc_NebraskaLexicon_releasenotes_20160726.docx 2016-Sep-12 by Hazel Brear
Microsoft Powerpoint Presentation Terminology for Personalized Medicine_20160906.pptx 2016-Sep-12 by Hazel Brear
PNG File image2016-12-14 14:40:53.png 2016-Dec-14 by Vojtech Huser
PNG File image2016-12-14 14:43:41.png 2016-Dec-14 by Vojtech Huser


Previous Meetings

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  1. This picture below that refers to gene location. With each human build - the coordinates change. For example from human build 37 to current human build 38.  (as the reference genome changes). Modelling each gene with coordinates perhaps should be out of scope for SCT.

    1. Agreed.  We have moved the nucleotide sequence addresses from the SNOMED CT definitional model and will be employing referential definition from the Gene Ontology