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Is it possible to browse the International GP/FP refset in the IHTSDO browser?

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  1. This is available at but agree would be nice in browser too

  2. If you search gp there are refset results being shown which you might check as well


    390 matches found in 0.533 seconds.

  3. It is not available within the browser right now, but it would make sense to make sure that any refsets that are released by IHTSDO appear alongside the international edition in the browser. We will investigate this.

    1. Thanks very much everyone - I can answer my customer knowledgably now.

  4. Then why this result is coming ? Am I misinterpreting ?

    1. Whilst you can find the refset concept itself, you will see that its members are not visible in the browser at the moment.

  5. yes . Thanks



  6. Thanks for the clarification Rory - I was beginning to doubt my tenuous link on sanity for a moment there. I've downloaded the RF2 format files from NLM but I'm not sure I'm up to the SQL challenge these days to make it human readable. I'm interested in the content and APAC applicability given my new Clinical Engagement role. The ICPC link is not currently my focus.

    1. Interestingly we have this challenge with a number of people in the U.K. And plan to make a human readable pack available shortly to address this. Hard to make RF2 palatable to people dipping their toes in to SNOMED CT TBH