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July 11, 2016


Discussion items

1Welcome, apologies and conflicts of interest
  • The meeting is recorded

  • No conflicts of interest.
2 Notes and actions from last meeting None 
October Business Meeting  Hazel has asked for time at the October meeting. If there is any progress on the future direction of the group we can include on the meeting. 
Future Direction of the GroupIan Green Ian, Jane Millar and Jim Case are meeting to work through the process so this is in hand. In the meantime the group should carry on as usual. 
Content Mapping Service Quality ReportDonna Morgan Donna gave the 2015 Quality report 
Content Mapping Service General ReportDonna Morgan Donna gave the general report 
Agenda Items for future meetings Discussed and added to list

 Hazel Brear

Udate list for feedback at next meeting

Member Activity Reports  
9Any other business Hazel Brear  


Meeting Files

No files shared here yet.


Previous Meetings

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