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April 11, 2016


Discussion items

1Welcome, apologies and conflicts of interestHazel Brear
  • The meeting is being recorded

2Mapping Service Team Report Donna Morgan

 Donna reports BAU continues with mapping of concepts via a daily build. The team are up to date with current concepts and the daily build allows mapping as close to the point of authoring as possible. Content is mainly Orphanet type at this time.

The content mapping service team (CMST) continue to work collaboratively with the UK mapping team.

IHTSDO have agreed to add the top 1700 Orphanet concepts to SNOMED CT. The first 500 for the July 2016 release. These 500 have definitions. INSERM are busy adding definitions to the remaining 1200, an essential before these can be added to SNOMED CT.

3Transformation of Mapping SIG  Ian Green Ian reported that the transformation of the group is essentially on hold as Don Sweete and the MB have asked for a paper to be written proposing a model to be adopted for both functioning SIG's. This paper can be expected over the next few months . In the meantime the Mapping SIG will continue as usual. 
Provincial Terminology Services StrategySharilyn Kmech Sharilyn Kmech and her team members Jennifer Garcia and Daniela Reinhard presented to the group on their experiences of working with SNOMED CT as they hope to move towards an directive for implementation of SNOMED CT within Alberta Health Care. the presentation is attached to this meeting agenda. Additionally the meeting recording is available. 
April Business Meeting   Hazel asked for agenda items for the April 2016 Business Meeting to be forwards within the next 2-3 days. Hazel Brear to draft and post agenda for April 20, 2016

Meeting Files

  File Modified
PDF File IHTSDOMapSIG2016-04-11.pdf Alberta Provincial Terminology Services Strategy 2016-Apr-11 by Sharilyn Kmech


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