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  1. Any form of copying, downloading, printing, sharing or distributing a SNOMED International certification exam is not permitted.
  2. It is forbidden to obtain or attempt to obtain access to the examination prior to the start of the examination.
  3. No individual, other than the candidate, may be present in the examination room while the exam is in progress.
  4. The candidate must not communicate with anyone while the exam is in progress.
  5. No one should communicate with the candidate while the exam is in progress.
  6. Mobile phones and all other electronic devices (other than the computer being used to take the exam) should be turned off during the exam.
  7. The candidate must remain in view of the camera at all times throughout the exam, unless they need to leave the room for a toilet break.
  8. By enrolling in a certification exam, the candidate consents to the following information being collected for the duration of the exam:
    • Microphone input
    • Webcam input
    • The candidate's identity
    • Any browser tabs and windows open
    • The entire screen display
    • Any website visited
    • Any other applications runningThe number of display screens connected
    • All tasks undertaken in the training authoring platform
  9. Only one toilet break is permitted per exam, and this must be limited to a reasonable duration.Only one monitor may be used during the exam and this must be the monitor with the webcam. 
  10. Any modifications to these rules to accommodate individual circumstances requires prior written approval by SNOMED International. 
  11. Making false declarations in an attempt to obtain modified assessment provisions or special consideration is a breach of these certification rules. 
  12. Being party to any arrangement whereby a person other than the candidate fraudulently represents, or intends to represent, the candidate in an examination is a breach of these certification rules.
  13. Candidates must inform SNOMED International (via of any technical issues experienced during the exam within 24 hours of sitting the exam for these to be taken into consideration. 

  14. The decision on whether to certify a candidate or not is solely at the discretion of SNOMED International.

  15. All certifications will be valid for 3 years. To continue certification after this time, either the certification exam must be retaken and passed or a higher level certification must be achieved.

  16. If a candidate fails a certification exam, they may re-enrol in the certification exam. Full payment is required for re-enrolment.

  17. SNOMED International reserves the right to make changes to these rules without notification. It is the candidate's responsibility to check the current certification rules prior to taking a certification exam.