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A variety of different SNOMED CT browsers are available online, as downloadable applications or as web-based applications. But a Member can also choose to develop its own SNOMED CT browser and make it available for national users. This is especially relevant if national customized SNOMED CT content is developed and should be browsable, such as translations, Reference sets, etc. An NRC may download and install for national use the IHTSDO SNOMED International open source browser. As this is open source, it is also possible to add functionality to it. If an NRC does this, its contribution of the components back into the open source repository may be highly beneficial for all Members.

On the IHTSDO SNOMED International webpage on SNOMED CT Browsers, IHTSDO SNOMED International provides a list of the different types of browsers available. It is possible to add items to this list if you are aware of other browsers that are not included. Browsers are eligible for inclusion in the list if they are freely accessible software applications that provide searchable access to SNOMED CT.

On the SNOMED CT Browser webpage it is also possible to access the SNOMED CT Members' Browser Requirements document, which presents a set of requirements for a SNOMED CT browsers as identified and prioritized by IHTSDO Members. IHTSDO Members may wish to make previews and releases of their National Editions (i.e. International Release + National Extension) available for review by stakeholders in their country. The shared understanding of required functionality outlined in this document is the first step towards ensuring widespread availability of browsers that meet these requirements.