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The SNOMED International Authoring Platform (AP) is a web browser application designed for SNOMED CT collaborative content authoring. It supports the authoring process through concept editing (creation and update), classification, validation, review and change approval. These features are supplemented by SNOMED CT taxonomy search and browsing directly within the platform, and the ability to save author-defined lists of concepts for subsequent editing.

Content is created and updated in authoring tasks managed within particular projects. The AP supports promotion of task changes first to share with others in the project, and then promotion of project changes for inclusion in the next SNOMED CT release (for International authoring the release level is called MAIN; for Managed Service extensions the release level is called the Extension Base).

Promoted changes can be pulled in to the project level from the release level (MAIN/Extension Base), and then subsequently into each authoring task from the project level, through a process called rebasing. This allows active tasks to synchronise with dependencies and changes made in other tasks and projects.

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About the User Guide

This guide is intended to assist authors of SNOMED CT on how to use the AP to manage tasks, create and edit concepts in a task, review, validate and promote authoring task content within an authoring project. It also supports project leads in validating project content before promoting it for inclusion in the next SNOMED CT release. Promoted content can be "rebased" back down to individual tasks to ensure an author's work in progress remains synchronised with the latest promoted changes from others.

To learn about editorial policies related to the content of SNOMED CT please refer to the DOCEG