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titlePurpose of this space

This space is for new Member countries, providing a resource for them to get quickly up to speed on the IHTSDO membership.


You have been directed to this Confluence space because you represent a new national Member of IHTSDO. We’re excited to have you on board and joining us in our mission of producing and enhancing the vocabulary – SNOMED CT – that enables the clear exchange of health information for all.

IHTSDO Member Information

General Assembly Representative

The IHTSDO Articles of Association state that each IHTSDO Member is entitled to choose a “Nominated Representative” for the IHTSDO General Assembly (GA). This enables the Member to:

  • Have specific business or matters referred for discussion by or decision of the General Assembly
  • Attend meetings of the General Assembly and speak at such meetings
  • Have one vote on each item presented in meetings of the General Assembly

The General Assembly usually meets in April and October each year. More information about it can be found in the GA Governance Manual.

Member Forum Representative

Each Member is entitled to choose a representative to the IHTSDO Member Forum. The Member Forum (MF) acts as an advisory body to the Management Board and organization. The Member Forum is also a means for optimizing the collaboration and coordination among IHTSDO Member countries.


Member Pages on the IHTSDO Website

Each IHTSDO Member has a page on our website (

To do list once you have joined IHTSDO

  •  Advise IHTSDO (via on the name, title and contact information of your General Assembly Representative
  •  Advise IHTSDO (via on the name, title and contact information of your Member Forum Representative
  •  Provide IHTSDO (via with text for your country's Member web page. Please take a look and some of the existing Member pages for examples of typical content. There is usually a short paragraph in English about the National body responsible for IHTSDO Membership, followed by a translation into the national language(s) of the country.

IHTSDO Governance Rules

IHTSDO Articles of Association: Governance of IHTSDO and SNOMED CT are based on the Articles of Association.

GA Governance Manual: Information about how the General Assembly conducts its affairs.

MB Governance Manuals: Information about the IHTSDO Management Board.

Affiliate License Information: Information about licensing, fee structure for non-Member licensees, fee exemptions, and the Member Licensing & Distribution Service.

Setting Up Your NRC

You may find our guide, “National Release Center Guide,” a useful way to get your NRC up and running. Download it via our Document Library.

IHTSDO Documents and Reports

IHTSDO Strategic Directions: Read about our strategy and goals.

Annual Activity Report: The Annual Activity Report includes information about IHTSDO's aims, governance and advisory structures, finances and more.

Key Performance Indicators and Management Reports: Quarterly Reports to the General Assembly and Management Board, made available to the public.


From you can find information about what SNOMED CT is, how it’s created, where it came from, how it’s quality assured, how it’s used, and more. There you can also find the SNOMED CT Starter Guide, which provides practical and useful information on where to start.

From you can find information about how to build the business case for SNOMED CT: how it results in cost savings, reductions in inappropriate or duplicate testing, etc.

SNOMED CT Documentation

The latest versions of all authoritative SNOMED CT documentation are accessible via the DOC.

  • Starter Guide
  • Vendor Introduction
  • Technical Implementation Guide
  • National Release Center Guide
  • Editorial Guide
  • ICD-10 Mapping Specification
  • Data Analytics with SNOMED CT
  • SNOMED Glossary
  • SNOMED CT Diagramming Guideline
  • SNOMED CT URI Standard
  • SNOMED CT Compositional Grammar Specification and Guide
  • Search and Data Entry Guide
  • SNOMED CT Expression Constraint Specification and Guide
  • Release Format 2 Value Proposition
  • Release Format 1 Guide
  • Data analytics with SNOMED CT
  • Decision support with SNOMED CT

SNOMED CT Training Materials

IHTSDO has been rapidly expanding its educational offerings, providing online courses and materials. The E-Learning Overview can be found here. The SNOMED CT E-Learning Server can be found here.

Other useful links and materials

IHTSDO Events: See this web link for information about future meetings and conferences. Keep in mind that we hold important events every April and October.

News and Newsletters: You can find our latest news and newsletters here.


Confluence is a wiki site IHTSDO uses for our staff and larger Community of Practice to collaborate on various topics. Please browse through our Confluence spaces at or The Index. Apply for an account here: Confluence User Accounts. Find the Confluence User Guide here: ds.


Interested in SNOMED CT tooling? Visit our Confluence site called “IHTSDO Tools,” SNOMED International Tools Home

Still Want More?

If you still have questions, please contact your Customer Relations Executive, or send us an email to


Welcome to the IHTSDO family!



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