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PLEASE NOTE: SCA Version 1.2.2-MS was the final independent version release for Managed Service. From Authoring Platform version 2.4.0 onwards all authoring platforms share the same converged codebase, so this page will no longer track independent releases for the Managed Service, and future releases will be tracked in the unified Authoring Platform - Release Notes page.


SCA Version 1.2.2-MS - 28 June 2017 - Release Notes

SCA Version 1.2.1-MS - 2 June 2017 - Release Notes

SCA Version 1.2.0-MS - 23 May 2017 - Release Notes


SCA Release VersionFront-End Build VersionBack-End (Snow Owl TS) Build VersionDateDescription
1.2.2-MS2. June 2017BE hotfix release
1.2.1-MS2. June 2017FE/BE hotfix release
1.2.0-MS2. May 2017Maintenance release
1.1.0-MS2. January 2017Maintenance release
1.0.5-MS1.0.174.HOTFIX44.7.1118 October 2016FE hotfix release
1.0.4-MS1.0.1744.7.1130 September 2016BE hotfix release
1.0.3-MS1.0.1744.7.923 September 2016BE/FE update release
1.0.2-MS1.0.1734.7.719 September 2016BE/FE update release
1.0.1-MS1.0.1724.7.69 September 2016FE update release
1.0.0-MS1.0.1704.7.524 August 2016Release baseline