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The benefits discussed in Section 2 are realized by the implementation of SNOMED CT into Vendor systems.

A Vendor strategy for the implementation of SNOMED CT can address questions such as:

  • To what extent will the use of SNOMED CT differentiate this product from others?
  • What use cases can SNOMED CT be applied to?
  • What migration paths will be offered to customers to move from their current coding system(s) to SNOMED CT?
  • Will SNOMED CT be implemented into an existing EHR product or as a new product variant?
  • Will implementation be achieved in more than one stage and if so in what stages?
  • What, if any, parts of the system will be delivered by external providers?
  • To what degree, and for what period, will previous designs be maintained in parallel?
  • Will SNOMED CT be a design time terminology or a run time terminology?
  • Will SNOMED CT be the interface terminology or just the storage, interoperability and reporting terminology?


  • Ease and effectiveness of data entry and display of SNOMED CT. For example, speed of data entry, ease of search and navigation, limited search scope based on the context, aggregation of details, and highlighting of critical information are all important techniques for busy clinicians
  • Minimal additional configuration and training burden for the users
  • Adequate opportunities to adjust the product and its configuration for local needs, including exploitation of pre-existing, local designs
  • Significant value from their own preparatory work to deploy the product and associated services
  • Quality of the product, its flexibility and a future value sufficient to retain it beyond the current contract period