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The collection of coded COVID-19 related data can be critical for frontline service delivery, pandemic surveillance, and retrospective data analysis.

The following table lists a collection of data elements for which SNOMED CT can be used to capture COVID-19 related data. 

Data GroupData Element

Provider and facility details

(section 2.1)

  • Healthcare profession
  • Site of care
  • Health management finding
  • Personal protective equipment

Patient demographics

(section 2.2)

  • Biological sex
  • Gender identity
  • Marital or partnership status
  • Nationality
  • Ethnic group
  • Racial group
  • Occupation
  • Travel history
  • Residential location type
  • Next of kin relationship
  • Living arrangements
  • Care and support circumstances

Clinical assessment

(section 2.3)

  • Symptoms
  • Severity
  • Clinical measurements
  • Clinical examination findings
  • Diagnosis and certainty
  • Secondary conditions and complications
  • Potential risk factors
  • Comorbidities
  • Exposure event
  • Covid-19 and viral co-infections

Tests and Investigations

(section 2.4)

  • Specimen
  • Laboratory tests
  • Radiology procedures
  • Substances and virus
  • Laboratory test results
  • Other investigations

Prevention, treatment and education

(section 2.5)

  • Prevention
  • Prevention findings
  • Education
  • Medication
  • Administrative procedures
  • Therapeutic procedures
  • Treatment findings
  • Treatment equipment


The SNOMED CT subsets are provided as a guide only, and may need to be constrained or extended to meet local requirements.