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 at 12:00 UTC 

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Discussion items

1Sub groups & AG review update

6 months in, review the ToR of the AG and recommend items for the next 6 months.

Sub-group Proposals

2Content Request Service DemonstrationProvide a demonstration on the service which will replace SIRS 

Previous Meeting Actions

Task report

Looking good, no incomplete tasks.


  1. Apologies for absence

  2. Looking forward to hearing about the CRS

    1. Love it when acronyms get recycled for a different purpose, our organisation does it all the time and causes mass confusion.  Not an objection Rory Davidson or Alastair Kenworthy, just an observation (wink) 

      1. I'm clearly too innocent

  3. CRS Care Record Service > Content Request Service and aren't you meant to be asleep Alastair Kenworthy?

    1. SCRS... ah taken as well... Name suggestions are also welcome!

      1. HRMS  - Health Record Management system/service?  a suggestion ...

  4. Sorry could not attend.  It's Labour day holiday in Canada and U.S.  

  5. Too bad I will miss the demo of Content Request Service! I'm on holiday so I will not be able to attend.

  6. Please also also accept my apologies for this meeting. Currently a lot of meetings take place mondays afternoon. Will you videorecord the meeting?

    1. Thanks for the heads up and yes, the meeting will be recorded and posted online.

  7. I'll aim to join this as an observer if that's OK. (Also I note the confluence calendar has a meeting on the 7th - I assume that's incorrect).

    1. Welcome to join as an observer, and yes the calendar is incorrect (and being changed right now...). The meeting is today.

      1. I  also intend to join as an observer .  

  8. Thanks for the demo, Rory - CRS looks a good product.