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Welcome to the IHTSDO Tooling User Advisory Group space.

This is for project members to share and find information within the Tooling User AG. Current members of the AG are listed in the Group Members page

Observers are welcome to be part of the group.

Please have a look around the Confluence User Guide or Questions for some useful tips. If you have any issues, please send an email to


Apologies for the short notice but due to the fact that we met recently in Bratislava and we do not have any significant updates to provide, we are cancelling todays meeting. If you have any new items you would like to see on the Agenda for the next meeting please email them through. As always if you have any urgent issues, queries or questions please contact Rory or myself directly in the meantime.
Bratislava Meetings
The agenda for our meeting Bratislava is available and be found here - 2017-10-17/18 - TUAG Business Meeting. We are meeting in two afternoon sessions, the first on the Tuesday and the second on the Wednesday. If you are already preparing to travel, I also wanted to draw your attention to the Joint AG meeting which is taking place on the Monday morning after the business meeting has been 'opened.…
Next Meeting
Hello everyone, we have a call planned this Monday at 12h00 UTC to discuss the agenda for the face to face sessions at the April Business Meeting in London. The agenda for Monday can be found here - 2017-04-03 - April Meeting - and the GTM details are
Snap Meeting
Hello everyone and apologies for the late notice. We have a meeting today at 12h00UTC with the following GTM details, I would like to simply use this slot to give you a short update on a few recent releases and what is on the plan this year.  The (very brief) meeting agenda can be found here - 2017-02-06 - February Meeting. Thanks.
Final meeting of the year
Hello everyone. You may have just seen a the meeting agenda created for Monday, 2016-12-05 - December Meeting, at 12h00 UTC, It will be a short meeting to give you all an update before the end of the year on IHTSDO developments but also a reminder of what was discussed in Wellington in October. If you would like to discuss any other topics, then please add to the comments section on the page.  

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