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  • Resolve Jira issues

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1UpdatesOle Våge 
  • Review of Guidelines for Management of Translation of SNOMED CT finished
  • Ole reviews the final literature list and hand over to Snomed Int.
2Business Meeting AprilOle Våge  
  •  Items for the agenda (subject of change): case sensitivity, web page for translation, machine readable editorial decisions for translation ("principle decisions"), cases for e-learning pathway for translation
Ole distribute agenda by the end of this week
3Jira Issue 1Feikje Hielkema-Raadsveld

TUG supports a CRS issue

4Jira Issue 2Camilla Wiberg Danielsen

TUG supports a CRS issue

5Jira Issue 3Elze de Groot

TUG presented viewpoints

No action required

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