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  • An Analysis of Google Translate Accuracy by Milam Aiken and Shilpa Balan, Translation Journal,  Volume 16, No. 2 April 2011

"Although Google Translate provides translations among a large number of languages, the accuracies vary greatly. This study gives for the first time an estimate of how good a potential translation might be using the software. Our analysis shows that translations between European languages are usually good, while those involving Asian languages are often relatively poor. Further, the vast majority of language combinations probably provide sufficient accuracy for reading comprehension in college".

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  • Use of Google Translate in medical communication: evaluation of accuracy by Sumant Patil (senior clinical fellow) and Patrick Davies (consultant), BMJ, 2014349

"Google Translate has only 57.7% accuracy when used for medical phrase translations and should not be trusted for important medical communications. However, it still remains the most easily available and free initial mode of communication between a doctor and patient when language is a barrier. Although caution is needed when life saving or legal communications are necessary, it can be a useful adjunct to human translation services when these are not available."

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  • The funny side of Google Translate in medical communication, BMJ, 2014

Article is a small sample study, but gives examples of unwanted translations, such as the following:

Your wife is stableYour wife cannot fall over
Your husband had a cardiac arrestYour husband’s heart was imprisoned
Your husband had a heart attackYour husband’s heart was attacked
Your wife needs to be ventilatedYour wife needs to be aired
Your child’s condition is life threateningYour child’s state is not life stopping
Your child has been fittingYour child has been constructing
Your child will be born prematureYour child is sleeping early
Your husband has the opportunity to donate his organsYour husband is now ready to donate
We will need your consent for operationWe need your consent for operating (such as machinery)
Did he have high fever at home?Your home temperature was high

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  • Semi-automated approach

"A Finite-State Approach to Translate SNOMED CT Terms into Basque Using Medical Prefixes and Suffixes"

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  • Assisting the Translation of SNOMED CT into French

The objective of this study is to evaluate to approaches assisting the translation of SNOMED CT into French. Two types of approaches were combined: a concept-based one, which relies on conceptual information of the UMLS Metathesaurus and a lexical-based one, which relies on NLP techniques.

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