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For more information please see the page in the user guide - New Features & Improvements - January 2017

Key New Features

  • New customization of list screens. Users can now customize the columns they want to display.
  • New appeal workflow. This allows better tracking of appeals than the more basic flow that was in place in SIRS and CRS.

Key Improvements

  • Performance improvements when opening existing requests
  • Validating against existing content. When entering a new content request, CRS now checks whether the entry is a duplicate, based upon the FSN, and checks the validity of SCT identifiers (if provided).
  • No longer necessary to unassign requests from deleted SCA tasks. Now when deleting a related SCA authoring task, the CRS request is automatically unassigned and there is no need for this to be done manually.
  • More batch functionality. Users can now reject and withdraw requests in batch modes, functionality which was previously only available for certain actions.
  • More focused email notifications. Email notifications are now only sent at the beginning and end of a request (when the request is either rejected or ready for a release), as well as when a new comment has been added. This should significantly reduce the number of email notifications.
  • Ability to change fields after submission. Users can now change the SCT ID provided or the original requestor on an already submitted ticket.


  • Various bugs and issues picked up during the initial rollout of CRS.

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Deployment Ticket

INFRA-826 - Getting issue details... STATUS

All Ticket Details

New Features

  • [CRS-327] - Provide the ability to hide columns
  • [CRS-439] - Appeal workflow


  • [CRS-149] - Validation of requests against new release
  • [CRS-209] - Default to selections
  • [CRS-227] - Retire description
  • [CRS-228] - Case significance default
  • [CRS-360] - Search profile disappears
  • [CRS-366] - adding note does not update modified date
  • [CRS-371] - Search on Summary field
  • [CRS-374] - Reject requests where the FSN exactly matches an existing FSN
  • [CRS-385] - Provide the ability to remove uploaded batches
  • [CRS-386] - Dashboard default to "My Requests"
  • [CRS-387] - Batch Reject from CRS Dashboard
  • [CRS-410] - Batch withdraw from My Requests
  • [CRS-411] - Change reporter
  • [CRS-413] - Review & improve performance
  • [CRS-419] - How can I search for requests linked to an content tracker item?
  • [CRS-421] - Local SNOMED CT ID codes and validation
  • [CRS-425] - Can I add a concept ID to a request once submitted?
  • [CRS-436] - Deleting a task
  • [CRS-439] - Appeal workflow
  • [CRS-460] - Reduce email notifications
  • [CRS-464] - Branding changes


  • [CRS-249] - Case sensitivity in CRS
  • [CRS-255] - Removing a characteristic type
  • [CRS-305] - Assignment drop down list
  • [CRS-338] - Drag and drop with unexpected outcome
  • [CRS-361] - Populate reference field with justification where there is no reference field
  • [CRS-376] - Invalid ticket has been submitted, passing validation
  • [CRS-392] - Assignee on the SCA assignment dialog box should be mandatory
  • [CRS-394] - Buttons on tickets (including rejection)
  • [CRS-400] - Batch Import not validating blank fields
  • [CRS-404] - Salutations in emails
  • [CRS-444] - Emails being sent twice