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The CRS application has 2 parts:
- Web client
- Server

The followings are the instructions to build and deploy the server and web client:

1. Prerequisites for running CRS:

  • CRS server is integrated with several services from SNOMED International, you may have to request permissions to access those services from SNOMED or hosted on your own to have CRS application work. If you host the services on your own, you will have to configure your services correctly:
  • JIRA
  • IMS
  • SCA
  • CIS
  • Terminology server
  • Make sure you have installed MySQL database
  • Make sure you have installed nginx server

2. How to build server from source code:

  • Checkout the source code from branch "master" on the repository for server
  • Due to some compatibility with latest Maven (3.3.9 at the time of this document), unit testing will fail, please download and use Maven version 3.3.3 while the issue is being fixed
  • Run maven command to build .war file: mvn clean install
  • crs.war will be placed in <project_home>/crs-ws/target
  • CRS server app loads several configuration files from outside the packaged war (please download and unzip "" from section 4) so you must edit /crs-resources/ correctly and add some runtime arguments to tomcat:
    DcrsPropertiesFolderLocation=<pathToCrsResourceFolder> -DcrowdConfigFolderLocation=<pathToCrowdFolder> -DcrowdPropertiesFileLocation=<pathToCrowdFolder> -Dlog.dir=<pathToWhereYouWantToStoreLogFiles>

3. How to build web client from source code:

  • Check out the source code from branch "master" on the repository for web client
  • To make CRS web work properly, you have to modify some URLs if neccessary in <project_home>/app/config.json accordingly. The sample file can be found in section 4
  • Make sure you can use Git from your terminal is available
  • Make sure you have Ruby installed
  • After making sure Ruby is installed, you have to install compass by using the following commands:

gem update --system
gem install compass

  • Make sure you have installed NodeJS
  • After making sure NodeJS is installed, you have to install Bower by using this command:

npm install bower -g

  • You will have to install Grunt using the following commands:

npm install grunt
npm install grunt-cli

  • Open command line from project folder, please type in following commands:

npm install
bower install
grunt build

  • The build folder of the web project is <project_home>/dist

4. Configuration files: config.json

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  1. We saw there is a JMS section in the configuration file.  What is JMS used for?  Can CRS run without a MQ server?  Thanks!

    1. Hi,

      JMS is for integration with SNOMED SCA service, you can disable this setting by comment out the below line in crs-ws/src/main/resources/applicationContext.xml: 

      <import resource="classpath:jms-context.xml"/>